about me

I am a freelance architect based in Berlin. After completing my studies of architecture at RWTH Aachen university (DE), Arkitektur og designhøgskolen i Oslo (NO) and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (DE), I gained working experience in various architectural offices in Germany and abroad, e.g. Snøhetta, Bruno Fioretti Marquez and David Chipperfield. Since 2021, I am teaching at TU Dresden university as a research assistant at the chair of residential building and design (Prof. Löser and Prof. Lott). In 2022, I got listed in the German chamber of architects.



My understanding of architecture is that each design, each approach has to attempt to create a holistic solution not only comprising economic, ecologic and functional aspects but also an architectural attitude, a concept. These issues do not mutually exclude each other but in my experience concur and together shape what is considered a sucessful project.

The spectrum of typologies and tasks I am interested in ranges from small-scale interiors to single-family houses and renovations to larger projects and public buildings.

In 2022, I founded Gruppe 030 together with Benedikt Breitenhuber, Franziska Käuferle and Sergey Kolesov.



During my studies and increasingly over the course of the last years, I expanded my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for the creation of images and architectural visualizations. For each design task, I aim to craft a strong, visually convincing imagery that has the power to intrigue the viewer and tell stories about the spaces and architecture it depicts.
As a client, investor or architectural office, you can contact me on creating the images of your unbuilt projects.


travel sketches

The sketchbook I inevitably carry with me on vacations, study trips and in everyday life contains situations, references, spaces and thoughts I draw parts of my inspiration from. Also my approach to image-making ist deeply influenced and coined by my affinity to the manual practice of painting, sketching and drawing. Creating those travelsketches is my approach to explore my environment, the character, nature and genius loci of a space. It is a language and a tool to understanding what surrounds us.



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